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I recently got me smoking everywhere ecigs from Pearlridge.  It is so cute.  I really like it. It seems to work good.  I’m new, so I’m not sure how it is supposed to work, but it seems ok.  I heard about Volcano too, most of what I heard was to just avoid them completely.  So I decided to go with the Smoking Everywhere from the Mall and I am happy with it.  I’m not sure about Vapor Tokers, I hear they are great and their products are good, but for now I’m happy with my Smoking Everywhere.  If it dies like everyone says they do, then I’ll try that Fatty.  But for now, I’m content.  These things are so cute and cool!


Blucig Works for me!

I know a lot of you don’t like blucig and there are a lot of bad reviews, but it seemed to work fine for me.  Maybe because I don’t use it that much, so I don’t get those issues as quickly as most ecig users.  But it has been good enough for me so far.  I still have a few more weeks before I have to return it if I want my money back, but unless it dies soon, I think I’ll keep it.  I’m not a heavy user, so that could be why it hasn’t died yet.  But thought I’d throw that out there. 


Ok, I’m a believer.  At first I was skeptical because I’m always like that, so I wasn’t sure which ecig to go with, but it was a no brainer when I checked the price.  It was a super deal with the Free case too…So there was no risk.  The other companies were selling theirs a little more expensive and it didn’t come with the nice free case.  If you want one, get one now before they run out.  Anyways, I read all that what I though was hype about the Fatty and Vapor Tokers, but the holiday deals were good, so I tried it.  GOOD THING I DID!  Man this ecig is the bomb… Huge Vapor and the battery lasts all day, love it.  But that is not the main reason why I dig it.  I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with one of the support guys, Kai I think and he explained everything and answered all my questions even though they have an extensive FAQ section.  He didn’t rush me off the phone.  Every and I mean Every other company I called during my research was so quick to forward me to FAQs or other webpages, instead of just talking with me.  I give them huge props for that.  That was a big factor in my decision to try their product.  My first ecig was a crappy crappy NJoy from Longs Drugs…What a waste of money!  This Fatty is way way way better.  So big points for product and customer service for VT.  So now that my experience has matched up with what I’ve read here on the site, I’m a believer all the way!  I see a lot of you don’t like Volcano, well I haven’t tried their products, but I see from what I have been reading that they just copied Vapor Tokers, so might as well go with the original.  Oh and yeah, I peeked at that fake site they made to discredit Vapor Tokers, I just had to laugh when I read some of the crap they published.  Too Funny.  I can see why they would be jealous of Vapor Tokers, since they get so much props.  Anyways, great site folks and keep sharing your info, it did me some justice.


Hi, I’m new to this vaping and I am so glad I ran into this site.  I am fortunate to not have wasted money on crappy ecigs.  I took yalls advice and picked up that Fatty.  I love it, I love to say I’m toking a Fatty!  LOL  awesome.  I haven’t tried any of those little ecigs that look like cigarettes, but I understand what yall are saying about the size making a difference.  Sometimes this Fatty is better than a real cigarette.  Nice big hits, and I charge the battery every two days or so.  I don’t know how you guys use those ecigs that you have to charge the battery every hour, that would suck.  I would probably give up on these things if I had to do that.  All I can say is Vapor Tokers Rocks!  Quick shipping, awesome product, and they spent like an hour on the phone with me explaining how to use it etc… Most companies you can’t even talk to a real person.  Thanks to all of yall and your info.  Thanks Vapor Tokers, you guys are awesome! Love my Free case too and the Tobacco flavor is tasty!


I see I’m not the only one that was disappointed in my V2cig purchase.  KR808 and 901 models are no good.  I bought the full kit with manual batteries thinking I’m good to go.  Well, my manual batteries from V2cig only lasted me two weeks.  I called to get them replaced and they were out of stock of their batteries, so they offered to send me a bigger battery.  I thought it would be better vapor, but really it is the same, except the battery lasts a little longer before dying since it is longer.  The vapor on these things are not that good.  I have to use high nicotine to get a good hit, which I think is not too smart. So I’m looking for a stronger hitting ecig.  No luck with the V2cig or my 901 model, even if I interchange the batteries with adapters, no good.  808 and 901 atomizers are just too week for me.  Maybe they are enough for you light smokers, but if you need a decent hit, then don’t waste your money on these models.  Very disappointed with my V2cig. 


Sorry if you have already been a victim of the mall vendors.  They are in all the malls here, selling the Smoking Everywhere cigarette look-a-like brand.  For one they suck ass, and two they charge you 150-200 bucks and tell you it is a deal…lol  At best just try their ecigs and know that they are the base line ecig.  You WILL need a bigger ecig if you want any chance of being satisfied.  In general all small ecigs that look like cigarettes will have minimal performance vapor and battery life.  But it will give you an idea of how they work and feel etc…  But keep in mind that those are the bottom of the barrel and DO NOT buy them.  Don’t be a suckah! 


I went down the same road as many of you here, relieved to see I am not the only one that had bad experiences with the Volcano/blucig brand.  Their atomizers are crappy and burn out so fast, that is why they don’t replace them. They would lose so much money having to replace their atomizers.  Now I know these cigarette style ecigs just don’t cut the mustard either.  I change the battery every hour and it is getting very irratating.  All I can say is that Blucig is crap and we all agree, well all volcano parts are made from the same factory so their ecigs are not all that much different, if you must try these cigarette pack type, then you might want to try revolver, they have a little bit better atomizer. But still these small ones don’t do very well for you. 

Oh and I did see that fake blog they put out to trash talk another company in Hawaii.  I guess there is a lot of support for those other guys, their blog is so funny, you can tell that the only reason it is up is to try and discredit these blogs that have all us former volcano customers bitching about their products and services…  Personally, I don’t think any of these blogs make a difference, once they buy a volcano and have all the problems, they will be joining these real blogs and sharing their bad experiences just like us. haha!

Lesson learned for me, If you don’t like blucig, then volcano isn’t any different, Revolver is a little better, but even the best mini is still a mini and will not do it for most average smokers.

Good Luck!

Green Smoke Review

Vapor Lady with a Review of Green Smoke ecigs…

Hey Guru and Vapor Tokers if you read this,

Don’t even worry about Volcano.  People are not dumb, just because blogs and forums say things, doesn’t mean they will believe them, people are smart enough to make sound desicions.  I admit, I bought a volcano first because of their fancy packs, but was not satisfied with them, the comments I have read have been on the button, it is common sense, small ecigs will product small results, it is just physics, even Volcano knows this, that is why they copied Vapor Tokers and have their silly inferno.  They need to keep up with the folks that do real research…lol  I got me a Fatty and I am much happier and satified, plain and simple.  Products and service support are the biggest advertisers, people will only make a mistake once and they will ensure others don’t do the same.  I am not surprised in the negative feedback about Volcano products.  It is simply not as good, plain and simple.  A good product will talk and advertise itself because when people are happy they spread the word, but when they are not happy they really spread the word.  Remember unhappy people have more motivation than happy people.  I guarantee a disgruntle customer will bark louder than a happy one.  So don’t worry guru and Vapor Tokers about Volcano.  They will learn the hard way by crying about these forums.  It will only continue to put them in a bad light.

Ken from North Carolina

I read their silly blog they created just to bash Vapor Tokers, thinking they are leveling the playing field by putting out a blog to post bad things about them, the only problem is that all of us VT customers really know what it is like to work with them, and it is so funny to read the crap that Volcano is posting on their fake blog about VT.  They also don’t realize, most people don’t take all these blogs as gospel and actually call them to really get a sense of their support.  Like replacing parts.  All these negative posts about Volcano is real experiences.  They do not replace atomizers, and they find excuses to not replace your part.  Like using it incorrectly etc…  Anyway, Volcano’s silly attempt to put out rumors about Vapor Tokers only makes them look lesser and greedy.  They should look up some of the names of the members that post negative feedback about them, and they will find that these were their customers from before.  It is so funny, they know their products are not as good, that is why they copied them with their inferno kit…  VT has been supplying Fattys since March of this year, that is when I bought mine.  I hope they realize that people are not dumb and can see through their silly posts on their fake blog.  Blucig, NJoy, Smoke Everywhere, and others get bashed all day long, but you don’t see them doing this, they are fixing their products instead of trying to sell us junk.

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