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I know there seems to be this craze for these cartomizers or clearomizers or tank types, and even I thought it was good on the surface.  However, after using them for a while, I realize I spend more money on juice and replacement atomizers even though they cost a couple bucks.  They always flood and I end up wasting juice from the big tank with the sleeve, and I wish I could clear them out the way I could with the older atomizers.  I actually spent less money on the old cotton fill atomizers and got the same if not better vapor.  I got mixed feelings with these smoke tanks, cartomizers, or clearomizers ma-call-its! I was intrigued at first, but at the end of the day I added the numbers and I actually spend more because the juice burns faster with the dual coil, so I go through juice faster and then the atomizer floods itself and I can’t clear them like the old atomizers.  I’m switching back to the old style.  The atomizer cost 5 times more, but lasts 10 times longer than these cartomizers…  Just some enlightenment from a veteran vaperer.

Good luck!


100% VG ejuice not so good

I have read a lot of people saying to go with 100% VG ejuice, probably companies trying to push their product.  Just some gee wiz stuff, PG and VG are pretty much the same safety wise, so don’t thing one is safer than the other.  VG is more thick, consequently, it will tend to cause your atomizers to heat up faster because it puts a thick coat over the wick and internal parts, preventing the cooling affect of the drag.  PG is thinner, so it will tend to run more, but it will be cooler for your atomizers.  VG Juices don’t taste as good as PG juices either.  The best choice is to go with a mixture.  50-50 is not the right mixture either, you need more PG than VG.  Anyways, I was having a discussion about juice with my friends and thought I’d share our info that we have come up with after two years of vaping.


It is simple, so don’t think it is a big thing to worry about.  Forums are good and bad, don’t read to deep into them.  A quality ejuice will have both ingredients.  They do different functions.  PG will give you more flavor and VG will give you more vapor, it is that simple. So a good mixture is what you want for both flavor and vapor.  Both are equally safe and are in a lot of things we consume everyday, so don’t believe the propoganda by the FDA or forums pushing 100% VG.  The problem with 100% VG is that it makes your mouth dry, it causes your atomizer to heat up faster, it is hard to drip into carts because it is too thick, and liquids don’t taste as good as a VG/PG mix.  So don’t think one is better than the other or more safer.  A lot of ejuice makers claim 100% VG is better, but that is because it is cheaper for them.  There is a down side to both, but ideally you will be happier with a juice that has a mixture of both.

Guru out!

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