I have read a lot of people saying to go with 100% VG ejuice, probably companies trying to push their product.  Just some gee wiz stuff, PG and VG are pretty much the same safety wise, so don’t thing one is safer than the other.  VG is more thick, consequently, it will tend to cause your atomizers to heat up faster because it puts a thick coat over the wick and internal parts, preventing the cooling affect of the drag.  PG is thinner, so it will tend to run more, but it will be cooler for your atomizers.  VG Juices don’t taste as good as PG juices either.  The best choice is to go with a mixture.  50-50 is not the right mixture either, you need more PG than VG.  Anyways, I was having a discussion about juice with my friends and thought I’d share our info that we have come up with after two years of vaping.

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