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Speaking of leaking attyz, my Fatty T started leaking on me. I called Vapor Tokers and let them know that my Atty was leaking. It still was working, but I wanted to know how to fix the leak. They sent me a replacement that day and even let me keep my original atty. Wow, I was stoked. They gave me some tips and I realized I caused the leak, but they replaced it anyway. So I hooked them up with a referral. Anyways, here is what they told me.

Aloha Harry,

No worries, sounds like your probe in the Atty is bent or pushed down a little, once this happens it is kind of hard to fix. This can be avoided by being a little more careful when inserting and removing the cart. Minimize the movement of the probe by removing and inserting the cart slowly like if you were giving yourself a shot. Make sure the cart is lined up right when inserting. When using a new cart pre-pop the hole slightly so that the probe doesn’t have to do it, this reduces down pressure on the probe. The cart only goes so far in, if you are getting a leak then something is wrong with the probe. Also if the probe is drying out fast, take some drags without pressing the button and it will add juice. Take care of the new Atty we sent you and keep the original for back up. Let us know if this helps.


That was their email to me. Hope the info helps you guys with the leaking volcano attyz.


I actually wasted my time to read their vaper ecig blog designed to discredit our experiences with them and their products. Did any one tell them they spelled vapor wrong, cause my spell checker did. Lol. Anyways, they can try to discredit our posts all they want, it still doesn’t matter because what people read here is exactly what they will experience, that is why so many of us join the ranks to inform others. Just call them and tell them your Atty died in less than 5 days and I guarantee they will say tuff luck and sell you another one. I can’t believe they are picking on Vapor Tokers just because pretty much all of us switched to them their competitor. Do you want better products and services? Well, that is why we made the switch and most of you reading this will too. It is common sense, Volcano thinks what people read is taken like gospel. Uh, nope. I even read these posts, but I still tried volcano and felt a big told you so. People will still buy what they think is good until the find out that they wasted money. Heck I recommend you buy a volcano or blucig, then you will appreciate the products and services from a better brand like Vapor Tokers, heck don’t buy a Toker buy a revolver or something, it can only get better from blu or volcano, for those that don’t know, blu and volcano cigs come from the same factory. volcano is dumb to try and discredit they ex-customers with their fake blog. It only makes them look worse in most of our opinions. And if volcano reads this, check your spelling on vaper. That is what gave your fake blog away, only you guys misspell vapor on your sites. Idiots!

Fran, sin city baby!


I didn’t know this site was here or that there are so many others that are fed up with all the problems and strict return policies with Volcano.  I wish I saw this site before I went into Volcano’s store.  I can’t believe they ripped me off.  They are pretty suttle but when you think about it, it is just like ripping you off.  I went into their store as a newbie, not knowing anything.  I smoke marlboro lights and wanted something similar.  They recommended and sold me their Volcano kit.  The small ecig pack.  I had issues with the atomizer dying and the batteries not working right, but they have a strict return/replacement policy that really sucks.  They always try to get out of replacing your parts.  And they make it difficult to get the parts, frickin takes months to get a damn battery.  Now after doing some research I realize that this pack is a piece of shit copy of Blucig.  I then realized their scheme.  They will sell their old kits that suck to people that don’t know any better in hopes to up-sell them in a few days to the inferno.  They must have a huge stock of crappy volcano and magma kits that they have to sell, so they push those kits first, knowing you are not going to like it because they suck, then you have to pay even more to get the Inferno.  This way they get more money out of you because you can’t return anything to them.  I am frickin pissed knowing they sold me a kit that sucks when they could have sold me the inferno first.  They are always trying to get more money out of you, especially with their no replacement policy.  Selling us crap that breaks and making us buy more.  Well, I found this site and following your recommendations and just got my Fatty yesterday.  I am so much happier, the product rocks and the service was awesome.  Thanks guys.  I had to post once I saw all you others that are fed up too.  Screw those guys and their bullshit policies.

On a happier note, Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Mike, I too have had the same problem with my Volcano Tankomizer leaking fluid out the bottom over the battery.  I got the same bullshit too about them not replacing it for me, it had only been three days, they want me to buy another one and said it is not their fault.  You are not alone on this one.  I don’t even bother with their little forum click either.  Did you see their fake blog?  I heard about it from this site and saw it, so sad.  It just made me want to get a Vapor Toker product even more.  I am happy I did too because man the quality is so much better.  I don’t know if you got one of their tanks yet, but it is made so much better, you can tell the difference.  I didn’t have any leaking problem yet and unlike Volcano, they do replace atomizers if needed within reason.  I made sure of that before I bought one.  Volcano is setting a bad example by not replacing the most important part of the ecig that people have problems with.  Anyways, it is only a matter of time before people start spreading the word about Volcano’s bad replacement policies and weak ass products.  Toker for life now!  lol



Not much of a blogger or anything, but Tanya recommended this Fatty T and I just had to express my thanks to her and I figured I post a little something too.  I got an ecig from that dreamecig store, but it wasn’t doing me any good.  I was struggling to keep away from my cigarettes.  Read Tanya’s recommendation, got me a Fatty with the Fatty T upgrade and Damn!  Way better…  I rubbished my cigarettes.  Thanks again Tanya, you were right on with the recommendation.  Can’t go wrong with the Fatty T!


Normally I get my menthol ejuice from PC Gamerz or Vapor Toker and it tastes great, their menthol tastes just like my camel menthols.  But I happened to be passing through Kailua and saw volcano’s ecig store.  I stopped in to get some ejuice real quick.  Their menthol ejuice blue whatever it was tasted like crap!  I bought two bottles and it was over $30 bucks ouch!  I only opened one bottle and tried it and it was not even close.  I tried to return the unopened bottle, but the girl would not let me return the unused bottle.  I can’t believe they wouldn’t take  the juice back.  Tight asses.  I had to share this info here, since they already have bad reviews here…  Expensive! and it doesn’t even taste good!  Sorry VT I’ll never do that again…lol


Thanks you guys for the information you put up.  I had bought one of those NJoys from Longs… I almost gave up on these ecigs.  The NJoy wasn’t that great, but I put up with it, thinking all ecigs were the same.  Good thing my friend had bought a Fatty from the Vapor Tokers.  I was impressed with the vapor it was putting out.  Another one of my friends had a Volcano Inferno, which looks just like the Fatty.  But my friend that had the Inferno recommended I get the Fatty Instead.  She said here atomizer thingy always breaks and they don’t replace it, so she replaced her Inferno atomizer with the Fatty T.  I ordered my Fatty three days ago and upgraded to the Fatty T also.  I am so much happier.  With my NJoy I still wanted to smoke cigarettes, but with my Fatty I am so happy to say I haven’t smoked since I got it.  I actually like the vapor from the Fat Fatty atomizer, but the Fatty T atomizer is really easy to use, so I use both off and on.  Thanks again everyone for your recommendations and thanks Vapor Tokers for a great product.  I don’t know if you guys read this stuff, but I wanted to contribute too.  Since I got such good info here and now have a great product and stopped smoking.  Get the Fatty T!  You will definately love it…


I recently got me smoking everywhere ecigs from Pearlridge.  It is so cute.  I really like it. It seems to work good.  I’m new, so I’m not sure how it is supposed to work, but it seems ok.  I heard about Volcano too, most of what I heard was to just avoid them completely.  So I decided to go with the Smoking Everywhere from the Mall and I am happy with it.  I’m not sure about Vapor Tokers, I hear they are great and their products are good, but for now I’m happy with my Smoking Everywhere.  If it dies like everyone says they do, then I’ll try that Fatty.  But for now, I’m content.  These things are so cute and cool!


In case you haven’t done any research, Volcano is known for having poor quality products with rediculous return policies.  They don’t replace atomizers.  Anyway, Vapor Tokers is another company in Hawaii that most people prefer.  During my research I found a site that didn’t have good things to say about Vapor Tokers.  I read some posts off that site and decided to test the validity.  I ordered some items from Vapor Tokers and even talked with their support to see the extent of their knowledge and how they would treat me.  I discovered that what I had read on that site was not even close to the experience I have had, I also read what others have said.  I have found many sites complaining about Volcano and their ecigs, but I only found this one site totally bashing vapor tokers.  So it is very obvious that Volcano runs this second site to bash Vapor Tokers.  I have read and seen only good things about Vapor Tokers, but on this one site they are bashed.  My conclusion is that Volcano actually spent money and time on a site just to try and make Vapor Tokers look bad.  That is so saddening, Volcano doesn’t realize how bad this makes them look.  Do the same thing I did, try out both and see what I saw.  I can’t believe the managment at Volcano would do something like that.  That is just too bad.  In my opinion, Vapor Tokers was great to me and their products are very good.  None of what I read on Volcano’s site by John matches with what I experienced.  I say we boycott Volcano, spread the word.


Ok, I’m a believer.  At first I was skeptical because I’m always like that, so I wasn’t sure which ecig to go with, but it was a no brainer when I checked the price.  It was a super deal with the Free case too…So there was no risk.  The other companies were selling theirs a little more expensive and it didn’t come with the nice free case.  If you want one, get one now before they run out.  Anyways, I read all that what I though was hype about the Fatty and Vapor Tokers, but the holiday deals were good, so I tried it.  GOOD THING I DID!  Man this ecig is the bomb… Huge Vapor and the battery lasts all day, love it.  But that is not the main reason why I dig it.  I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with one of the support guys, Kai I think and he explained everything and answered all my questions even though they have an extensive FAQ section.  He didn’t rush me off the phone.  Every and I mean Every other company I called during my research was so quick to forward me to FAQs or other webpages, instead of just talking with me.  I give them huge props for that.  That was a big factor in my decision to try their product.  My first ecig was a crappy crappy NJoy from Longs Drugs…What a waste of money!  This Fatty is way way way better.  So big points for product and customer service for VT.  So now that my experience has matched up with what I’ve read here on the site, I’m a believer all the way!  I see a lot of you don’t like Volcano, well I haven’t tried their products, but I see from what I have been reading that they just copied Vapor Tokers, so might as well go with the original.  Oh and yeah, I peeked at that fake site they made to discredit Vapor Tokers, I just had to laugh when I read some of the crap they published.  Too Funny.  I can see why they would be jealous of Vapor Tokers, since they get so much props.  Anyways, great site folks and keep sharing your info, it did me some justice.


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